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Efficient Portable Laboratory Heating in Crompond, NY

About us

Porta-LabTM  Global Market Connections Ltd has been involved in the distribution of portable laboratory heating in Crompond, NY for more than 20 years. We are passionate about our company and our ability to assist people who are steadfastly in the noble pursuit of science.

With the growth of the pharmaceutical industry and a large amount of research and development in the field of biotechnologies, the demand for lab equipment services has dramatically increased.

Heating Tools In Laboratory - Portable Micro Burner-MF-2001
Portable Micro Burner-MF-2001

H3: Continuing Product Commitment 

Our staff has hands-on experience in the laboratory environment, and all the products have undergone extensive on-site testing. With the successful introduction of the first laboratory product, (The Portable Micro Burner) in 2001, portable laboratory gas appliances and accessories, based on field testing and consumer input, are continuously being improved.

 Our company has been driven by its goal to have "One Hot Idea After Another." We continue to welcome comments and criticisms that can help improve our commitment to distribute safe and useful products for the marketplace. 

Offering a Wide Variety of Products for Your Convenience

Although the portable butane burner has been a favorite item, there are many other types of equipment that our company handles.  Some of these include the following:

Auto Start Portable Gas Micro Burner
Glass Hot Plate and Beaker Stand HP-2003/BS-2003
Laboratory Angled Micro Burner AMB-2010
Crucible Cradle CC-2203
Micro Crucible Holder MCH-2001

There are many other products we offer to meet all your laboratory needs. You can view the listing by visiting our products page, where you will be able to see all the specs as well.

Trusted Partners and Distributors

We have distributors throughout the U.S., which supply products such as dental laboratory burners directly to your area. By offering various distributors for you to obtain the products you need, your delivery time is reduced, and inventory is more readily available.

Products like science lab heating equipment can be obtained closer to your location instead of waiting for long delivery from afar. This not only means that it’s more convenient, but you won’t have to experience any downtime if your equipment fails in the middle of an important project.

With a wide variety of services and products to meet your needs, we are the company to call first. We’re professional and treat every order, large or small, with the same urgency. Reach out to our Porta-Lab office today to answer any questions you might have.

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