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 Portable Laboratory Burners and Accessories for a Safer Laboratory Environment

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About Us - Portable Laboratory Heating Crompond, NY

Porta-LabTM by Global Market Connections Ltd has been involved in the development of portable laboratory heating appliances for more than 20 years. Our creative director was the first to introduce the portable butane gas cooking stove to the U.S.A. This appliance is still being used primarily in the food service industry. We have also designed camping stoves and unique dental laboratory tools and burners.

Our staff has hands-on experience in the laboratory environment, and all our products have undergone extensive on site testing. With the successful introduction of our first laboratory product, (The Portable Micro Burner) in 2001, we continue to design portable laboratory gas appliances and accessories, based on field testing and consumer input.

Our company has been driven by its goal to create "One Hot Idea After Another". We continue to welcome comments and criticisms that can help improve our commitment to develop safe and useful products for our marketplace.

Heating Tools In Laboratory - Portable Micro Burner-MF-2001
Portable Micro Burner-MF-2001
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