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Portable Laboratory Heating Appliances and Accessories

Porta-LabTM by Global Market Connections Ltd.  creates portable laboratory heating appliances, as well as accessories for mobility and safety in your lab. From portable butane burners to accessories such as locking tripods and general labware ; you can find what you're looking for right here.

Special Offer, Portable Laboratory Heating in Crompond, NY

Flexible, Mobile & Non-Permanent Installations
The production team at Porta-LabTM by Global Market Connections Ltd has developed  a proprietary line of  portable gas laboratory appliances called Porta-Lab. All our products have been designed for use in commercial, medical, pharmaceutical, dental, and school science laboratories.

Every workstation can now have its own heating appliance, without the need for permanent gas lines or additional electrical outlets, which will save you quite a bit of money right from the start.

Hot Ideas from Porta-LabTM
Some of the newest ideas in laboratory designs include terms like flexible space and modular furniture. Now we can add "Porta-Lab" to these innovative changes in your laboratory.

Our portable gas appliances can be used anywhere. Another growing trend in chemistry departments is to reduce the need for storing large quantities of chemicals. Green chemistry programs will require modified labware and laboratory apparatus. The Porta-Lab Micro Burners can provide precise heat quantities to prevent boil out of solutions, when being used in the smaller glassware.


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